Ladies and Gentleman, START YOUR ENGINES! The Race is on at the only triple level go-cart track in California. Experience the wind blowing through your hair as you turn the corners of the most thrilling go-cart track around. THE TRACK @ FUNWORKS! has single go-karts for drivers who are 7 years old and 46″ and taller as well as two seat go-carts. Two seat go-carts may be driven by anyone who is 16 years of age and older with a drivers license. Passengers must be at least 36″ tall and 3 years old.

Drivers $9.99
58″ and 13 years old to drive regular race (18mph + 2 turbo boosts!)
48″ and 8 years old to drive Novice race (13mph)
46″ and 7 years old to drive Rookie race (8mph)

Passengers for any race must be 36″ and 3 years old (drivers with a
passenger must be 16 years old with a drivers license or 18 years or
older with valid ID)

$3.00 Passenger (Passenger must be 3 years old & 36″ tall)

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