Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Monday-Sunday 12pm-8pm

How tall do you have to be to drive a go-cart?

You must be at least 7 years old and 46 inches tall. To drive a passenger you must be at least 16 years or older with a driver’s license, or 18 years or older with an ID.

Is there an admission fee?


Can you purchase individual tickets to the attractions?

Yes! Please check our Attraction Prices.

Are there coupons out there?

Yes! We have them on the back of receipts: Safeway, SaveMart receipts, and Entertainment books.

Is there group rates?

Yes! Check out our group rates here.

Can you reserve a table without booking a party?

Yes! Deposit is $40 non-refundable per table.

Are helmets required for the batting cages?

For any batter under the age of 18 a helmet IS required. Over the age of 18 we strongly recommend however any batter in our fast pitch IS required to wear a helmet.

Do you rent bats?

Yes we do! Our price is FREE with the purchase of our batting cage tokens.

Are shoes required for the batting cages?

Yes, for your safety closed-toed shoes are required.

Are you allowed to wear sandals to drive a go-cart?

If the sandal has a back, yes.

If it rains, can we get a refund?

All sales are final. However we will issue “rain checks” for passes so you can come on a sunnier day!

Are you open on holidays?

Most definitely! The only holidays we are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Holidays are always a lot more FUN at Funworks!

Do you allow outside food?

Because we offer a wide variety of food the only outside food we allow in is the Birthday dessert (cake, cupcakes, ice cream, etc.)

Do you offer gluten-free food?

Yes! We even offer a gluten-free pizza!

What are your attractions?

We have many different attractions both inside and outside. Click here for a complete list of our attractions as well as pricing.

What kind of pizza do you offer?

We have a wide variety of pizza toppings for your choosing. Whether you like it classic with a cheese and pepperoni or want it all with our Extreme or want to customize your pizza we have many options for you. Our toppings include Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, beef, bacon, chicken, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, tomato, pineapple, olive, and jalapeño. You may also choose from our traditional red sauce or our yummy white garlic sauce!

What size pizzas do you offer?

We have two different sizes. We have a 7” personal pizza that is cut into four slices or our 14” large pizza which is cut into twelve slices.

Do you provide cakes?

Because each party is different we allow our guests to bring in their own party dessert as we do not offer any party desserts.

Can we save our tokens and/or our tickets?

Yes! We encourage our guests to register their token cards on our kiosks during their visit. This way if you lose or forget your token card by your next visit we can look you up in our system and reissue you another card! You never lose your tickets or tokens!

Do your token cards cost money?

Of course not! Whatever amount you would like on your token card we will load! No fee for a new card or to reload.

Can we bring our own RC cars to the RC Track?

Yes! Electric cars are allowed on our track. Please call one of our team members to verify if the track is open on the day you wish to come in.

Do you get wet on the bumper boats?

When the squirters are on…yes, you will get drenched! Make sure you bring a towel. During our fall/winter/cooler time we turn off our squirters so you can enjoy bumping into other boats without getting wet.

Do you give donations?

One of our FUN promises to our guests is being ‘Nvolved in the Community. Each year we donate over $350,000 to local schools, teams, groups, churches, and non-profit organizations. Please contact us at Admin@funworksfuncompany.com for further questions.

Can we “rent” Funworks?

Yes! We offer private and semi-private group, school, and company events. Please check our group rates here or email Carmenne at Carmenne@funworksfuncompany.com to get a quote.

Is there a “Season Pass”?

We are working on getting a rewards program for 2014 where frequent guests will get the best deals. Keep checking back with us for more information.

What time do your attractions close?

All of our attractions close at our closing time.